Tunji Sotimirin- I visit Afrika Shrine but don’t smoke +20

Tunji Sotimirin

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Actor and lecturer, Tunji Sotimirin, says he gets a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction whenever he goes to Femi Anikulapo-Kuti’s New Afrika Shrine, a place where people smoke marijuana freely.

Speaking with Sunday Scoop, Sotimirin said being raised in Mushin, Lagos, exposed him to social vices but he was disciplined enough not to get involved in them. He stated, “Once in a while, I display the attitude of a Mushin boy, especially whenever I engage people with street background. When they want to forcefully collect money from me, I give it to them in their language and I make them understand that we are the same. I cannot explain why I didn’t smoke or drink recklessly while growing up in Mushin, but I thought it was something I didn’t need. For instance, people wonder why I go to the New Africa Shrine. Whenever I go there, I am amazed at what I see. It is fun and the people there embrace me. All the things I see in the shrine and other places are the materials I use for my art. But for the record, I have never smoked marijuana.”

According to Sotimirin, once in a while, he boards commercial buses, popularly known as danfo. “Whenever I board a commercial bus, people always ask me questions. I have seen cases where people paid my fare, while some asked me why I didn’t have a car. I board commercial buses sometimes out of curiosity; I just want to know how people will react when they see me,” he stated.