The Health Benefits of Malunggay (moringa) Leaves

Health Benefits of Malunggay (moringa) Leaves
Health Benefits of Malunggay (moringa) Leaves

Usually when people need vitamin A then people will look for carrots, vitamin C then look for oranges, need calcium then people drink milk. So what if there are vitamin sources that multiply from those already mentioned in one food? Yes Malunggay leaves have all these benefits with the amount of nutrients that multiply.

Malunggay as known as Moringa is a plants that live in different regions of Asia, Latin America, Africa and others. The leaves are round like eggs with smaller size and piled compound in one stalk. Generally the height of this plant ranges from 7-11 meters. The pods, roots, bark, flowers, seeds, and fruits are also edible.

Health Benefits of Malunggay (moringa) Leaves
Health Benefits of Malunggay (moringa) Leaves

WHO’s health organization named Malunggay as a magical tree that can increases health and cure diseases.

Not many people know the benefits produced by Malunggay leaves. Here is the list of main health benefits of Malunggay :

1. Enhance the Body’s Natural Resilience

Malunggay leaves have a good potential to complement the nutrients in the body so it help increase energy in the body and body resistance. Keeping your body resilient will keep you away from diseases that attack weak body condition such as flu, hay fever or alergic.

2. Nourish the Skin

Vitamin C and antioxidants is needed to have a healthy skin. Both of these substances are present in Malunggay. Vitamin C helps build a collagen, good intake of collagen will healing cut and scrapes. Besides, collagen helps our skin to remain elastic and soft. Bye wrinkle!

Regular consumption of malunggay leaves will make the skin smoother and make it healthy without acne. Be ready to have a moist, clear, and glowing skin.

Malunggay can also be used as a beauty treatment for the face. Mashed leaves malunggay and used as a mask for smooth and healthy facial skin. There are several well-known brands of cosmetic products that use malunggay oil as raw material for its products. Especially skin care products such as anti-aging creams, aromatherapy oils, facial foam, lotions, lightening creams and deodorants.

3. Overcome Diabetes


Another health benefits of malunggay leaves is to overcome diabetes. Consuming Malunggay leaves will make you full longer so as to prevent you to eating more food. That way you minimize eating foods that may containing sugar. Malunggay can reduce blood sugar levels, thus this plant is believed to reduce the risk of diabetes.

4. Nourish the Eyes


As mentioned earlier. Malunggay has more vitamin A than carrots. In addition to healthy eye, malunggay leaves also can be used as an eye sore medication. With beta-Carotene to help your eyesight. By inserting malunggay leaf into boiling water, then washed on the eyes everyday

until it’s getting better.

5. Fight Free Radicals

Antioxidant nutrients, including vitamins C show promise in slowing the rate of free-radical damage.  Food with antioxidant protect us from free radical damage, which is responsible for many of the effects of aging on both the body and mind. Our bodies use antioxidants to lessen the impact of free radicals, and our diets give us the tools to do so.

Malunggay leaves contain lutein, which is carotenoid compounds. This compound is most effectively absorbed by the body when consumed with foods containing fat.

6. Cure Rheumatism

Rheumatism happens when the immune system attacks your own tissues and causes joint pain, swelling, and stiffness. Moringa leaf is believed to reduce joint pain and reduce the buildup of uric acid in the joints. So another health benefits of Malunggay leaves is to cure rheumatism

7. Overcome Alergic

Allergies can be triggered by several causes. Allergens are foreign substances that are mistakenly considered harmful by the immune system so that if exposed can cause allergic reactions. To handle allergic reaction then you can use malunggay leaves, with good body endurance then you will be not likely to get allergic.

8. Malunggay Benefits to Lose Weight

Malunggay having a high fiber, produces more durable energy. Consuming Malunggay will help the weight-loss program. Feel full longer because this plant contains iron more than spinach. It is very helpful to handle digestive problems, thus stimulating the metabolism to burn calories faster. Because Malunggay leaves are easily absorbed into the intestine.

9. Health Benefits of Malunggay for Beauty

Nutrition present in this tea increases hair growth. Growth hair becomes vivid, shiny, shiny with proper nutrition intake. Malunggay are known to contain about 40 percent of oil known as Ben oil. Moringa oil is rich in antioxidants, and its nutritional profile is similar to that of zaitun oil. Malunggay leaves has about two times more protein (the main building block of hair) than yogurt and four times that of eggs, it is a rich source of fatty acids (great for nourishing skin), along with several B vitamins, iron, vitamin C and A, and a long list of trace minerals (such as calcium and zinc), moringa provides deep nutrition for hair and skin.

Health Benefits of Malunggay (moringa) Leaves
Health Benefits of Malunggay (moringa) Leaves

10. Increase Production of Breast Milk

When a mother is breastfeeding, she needs lots of protein to produce milk. Complete the nutritional needs of mothers and as much as possible to avoid the use of supplements or drugs as a way to multiply breast milk. Iron is useful in the formation of red blood cells in the body of breastfeeding mothers.

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Like other green colored vegetables, malunggay also has an enzyme called phytoestrogens that are beneficial to produce breast milk. In addition, Malunggay is a source of folic acid which is an essential nutrient for breastfeeding mothers.

11. Improve the Body’s Metabolic System

A good body metabolic system plays an important role to keep the body healthy. So by consuming Malunggay leaves useful to stimulate the metabolism and cell structure of the body.

12. Overcome Sprue

sprue or oral ulceration make your mouth become uncomfortable, especially when you chewing, smiling, brushing your teeth, and it can cause a bad breath. You can treat your sprue with malunggay leaves as it has vitamin C.

13. Support Brain Health

Amazingly, consuming Malunggay will not give side effects. So daily use is good for health. Malunggay leaf nutritious as a provider of nutrients. It is plays an important role to nourish the brain. Brain nutrition helps to make the right decisions even in difficult situations.

How to Consume Malunggay for Best Results

There are various ways to consume Malunggay leaves. One of the easiest ways is to make it a clear vegetable dish. Just by washing and then boiling the leaves until boiling, add a little seasoning and finish, ready to serve.

Another way is to make it a tea drink. Many manufacturers are selling malunggay leaf tea powder, so we just need to take it. Or we can also make your own tea powder from malunggay leaves that have been dried. First, Prepare fresh and green Malunggay leaves. Then dry, but do not need to dried under the scorching sun. This is to avoid the loss of content of Malunggay leaves. Then mash the leaves of malunggay that have dried and store in a dry place.

The health benefits of this malunggay leaf can also be obtained by making it a mask on the face. Not only the disease and even Malunggay leaves can we use to overcome the black spots, pimples and blackheads on the face.

How: Mash a handful of young malunggay leaves. Until really smooth then used for powder or can also mixed with powder as mask let stand 25-30 minutes then wash again.

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