Baby Drinks Beer Daily to stay calm

Baby Drinks Beer Daily to stay calm
The boy who must take beer to be calm

See how Three Years Old Son Must Drink 2 Bottles Of Beer Daily To Stay Calm, Ignorance they say, is BLISS! This woman was complaining on how she needs to give her 3 years old baby 2 bottles of alcoholic beer DAILY! for him to be calm and not throw tantrum!

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What level of ignorance is worst that this!??? I wonder who came up with the genius idea to give a crying child a bottle of beer in the first instance.

According to the video, some group of people were interrogating the woman and she kept saying that the child likes taking at least two bottles of beers daily.

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What a world we live in! where people believe that children must be provided with all they desires and demand.

Parents must learn to bring their children up in a right way and manner.

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