Amazing Health Benefits of Lipton Tea

Amazing Health Benefits of Lipton Tea
Amazing Health Benefits of Lipton Tea

You may like Lipton tea due to its nice flavor and delicious aroma. However, there are more values you can get from this beverage. Lipton tea offers many benefits for whoever consuming it in their life. There are a lot of important health benefits of Lipton tea inside the tea and you need to realize it. Thanks to its natural compounds that have a group of phytonutrients that is called flavonoids. This one will help to maintain your health and lower the risk of serious chronic complications.

Before talking more about health benefits of Lipton tea, I will talk a bit about its history. Before it is widely consumed in many countries recently, Lipton tea has been so popular from more than a century ago. The brand itself was taken from the founder’s name, Sir Thomas Lipton. He began introducing his tea at the first time in 1889 after buying the tea plant from India and Ceylon. Afterwards, Lipton tea became the first tea manufacturer in United Kingdom. In 1906 the tea company initiated the first British brand for blended tea and the products are exported to several countries, including Japan and America. Nowadays, Lipton is under Unilever factory in which it is recognized by people in many countries. Lipton also releases many variants these days, such as lemon tea, green tea, black tea and more others.

Here are Some Health Benefits of Lipton Tea

One word to describe Lipton tea is “phenomenal”. It is cannot be separated from the fact that the product has been consumed all over the world. This is due to the health benefits which are offered in every cup of serving. Every cup we drink means how many good nutrients intake we put inside our body.  Thus, is a Lipton tea good for you? I will answer it by explaining the health benefits as following:

1. Providing Antioxidant Components

A part of tea plant (called Camellia sinensis) which is used to make a tea is the leaves. White tea and green tea bring leaves which are unrolled and fresh. Meanwhile, black tea needs to be rolled first and then broken before it is dried. Due to such difference, the compounds between green tea, white tea and black tea are also different. However, flavonoids in them, including catechins and theaplavin are respectively. Both of them are potent antioxidants based on “Journal of Nutrition” published in 2001. Antioxidant is good for your health to fight against free radicals which are unstable molecules that can increase your risk of heart disease, cancer and more other disorders.

2. Preventing Cancer

Cancer is known as one of genetic and degenerative disease which is suffered by many people in different countries. Such disease is still nightmare because there is high rate mortality rate for most patients suffering cancer. However, you can prevent it by consuming Lipton tea every day. Research also recommends you to drink the compounds in green, black or white which help you give protection from harmful carcinogenic chemicals or prevent the development of cancer. Based on a study that has been published in 2002 people whose diet contains a plenty of tea catechins are less in rectal cancer whereas blood and pancreatic cancers are reduced.

Lipton tea plays important role to cure prostate cancer and to lower the risk of suffering breast cancer. There have been studies that proved there are active components within tea which can improve the apoptosis of cancer cells. It is an automat killed system which can reduce the growth of cancer cell in the prostate (male). Meanwhile it is found also that drinking a cup of Lipton tea regularly can lower the risk of breast cancer (female).

3. Boosting Immunity

The next health benefit of Lipton tea is to boost your immune system. Based on a study held in 2007, researches asked some participants to consume green tea capsules with dosage: twice a day whereas the other participants had to drink a placebo. After three month 32 percent subjects that consumed experienced cold, one of flu symptoms. Besides, those drinking green tea got higher gammadelta T cell level that help to protect form infection. Although tea is not a replacement for vaccines, drinking it can help you keep healthy during flue period. Especially, there are vitamin C and gallate within Lipton tea. Those are best intake that can strengthen your immune system while helping it fight against disease. Consuming Lipton tea regularly does not only give you the joy but also protect you from disease.

4. Maintaining a Healthy Heart

There is a relation between drinking Lipton tea with a healthy heart. This comes from a conclusion taken by several studies about the tea consumption. Although there should be more research to confirm such results, scientists discover that Lipton tea can reduce low density lipoprotein. It is type of cholesterol that grows in artery walls. Hence, by lowering the level it means that the risk of stroke and heart disease will be lowered too. These studies were conducted with catechin capsules but Lipton tea does not forge the effects.

5. Maintaining Cardiovascular

In 2013 there was a study in Annals of Epidemiology that involved 75,000 men and women. They were instructed to drink Lipton tea regularly for 10 years in which a day they have to take 4 cups of the tea. As a result, it effected to lower the risk of getting stroke. Besides, drinking tea could also help relax to relax their blood vessels and assist to lower blood pressure. Also, it could lower risk of suffering atherosclerosis, hardening the arteries.

6. Helping Your Weight Loss Program

Are you struggling for reducing some more kilos? If yes, Lipton tea can help you realize it. Many studies found that Lipton tea essence provides the ability to burn your fat and quicken your metabolism. The catechins and polyphenol inside the tea are properties that are good for fat burning. What you need to do is to substitute your usual tea with Lipton tea. It is better to serve it without sweetener and get the weight loss in some months.

7. Preventing HIV Infection

HIV still becomes nightmare that can threat everyone. However, there is one of Lipton tea benefits to fight against HIV infection. This is based on several studies about the tea. The scientists found there are active component that can give high protection to your body cells from the attack of HIV. At the same time your immune system is also strengthened to get over the infection happening after the virus penetration in the body. Thus, regularly drinking several cups of coffee a day can help you from catching the deadly virus.

8. Lowering Cholesterol Levels

As known Lipton tea contains antioxidant and flavonoid. Both properties do not only function to fight free radicals but also lower bad fat or cholesterol which can develop the potential of heart disease and thickening in blood vessel. Lipton tea based on some researches is proven to lower LDL known as bad cholesterol. Meanwhile, HDL or good cholesterol inside the body is increased at the same time. Based on the study that uses men participants they who drank Lipton tea showed lower levels of blood cholesterol than the others that did not. Now, you know one of the reasons that a Lipton tea is good for you.

9. Providing Good Intake during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is special phase of mature women that should consider good food or drink to consume. In this case they need to limit their consumption of unnecessary or harmful intake for their fetus. Lipton tea is kind of tea product which is safe to consume and no harm for the fetus. However, you need to ensure that your consumption does not over than 200 mg per day. Excessive caffeine reduces folic acid absorption within the body that is very essential until the pregnancy reaches 12 weeks.

10. Preventing Diabetes


Diabetes is mostly caused by food or drink that you consume. There is a proverb that says “you are what you eat”. It means any kind of intake you eat influences much to your body development and condition. If you want a beverage that is free of diabetic trigger, you can rely on your diet to Lipton tea. Traditionally, Lipton tea has helped many people control their levels of blood sugar within the body. Lipton tea is useful to consume if you want to avoid hyperglycemia or the condition when the level of blood sugar in your body rises. Studies informed that Lipton tea has some active compounds which can elevate insulin sensitivity while preventing you from Type 1 diabetes.

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11. Providing Good Skincare Properties

Lipton tea does not only offer benefits for health but also benefit for beauty. If you want to keep young longer, include Lipton tea in your diet regularly. It is because there are many active components existing inside the tea. Antioxidant is good source to fight against the effect of free radicals which can damage your skin tissue while losing the firmness. Lipton tea is made of best quality to help you fight against any symptoms of aging, including blemishes and wrinkles while giving you attractive and flawless skin.

12. Keeping Healthy Liver

There are numerous health benefits of Lipton tea, especially for liver. Such miraculous beverage is helpful to treat hepatitis and other disorders relating to disease. Lipton tea is helpful to detoxify toxin within your body for good liver function. As known, liver becomes our body’s main organ that functions to neutralize harmful property in our body. Many studies suggested that Lipton tea containing polyphenols and especially catechin is useful to restrict and inhibit the effects of hepatitis or liver inflammation. Hence, this makes Lipton tea a good home remedy in treating hepatitis symptoms.

13. Strengthening Your Bones and Teeth

The health and strength of your bones is determined by your diet. Based on a study on elder women consuming Lipton tea showed better density of boned than the others who don’t drink the tea regularly. Lipton tea contains a lot of flavonoids and amounts of floride which can assist to keep strong bones for elder age. Thus, to make your bone stronger and healthier why don’t you change your tea to Lipton tea? Also, it can reduce your bones’ pains just like joints. Furthermore, drinking Lipton tea is also good for your dental health and strength.

14. Preventing Stroke

Stroke is kind of disorder that is caused by damage in blood vessel. This comes from high blood pressures and the vessel thickening. Lipton tea can make your blood thin and it effect to your good blood circulation around your body. Also, Lipton tea can lower the level of cholesterol within your body and keep it healthy. Hence, regularly drinking your Lipton tea can save you from having stroke, a major factor that causes death.

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